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Problem with Traditional Insurance Plans

The obstacle with the long-established commission system is that insurance companies use monetary incentives to motivate brokers towards policies that might not be in their clients' best interest. 









This is the result of commission based insurance

  • They make more when you pay more

  • Commissions may be excessive for the work actually performed

  • Additional commissions added to products

  • Push products that pay higher commissions

  • Do not present products with lower commissions

  • No transparency

fee based insurance

Bidding is not the answer

To try and get the best deal, some companies will collect "bids" from multiple insurance agencies thinking that they will be able to find the best one.  This system doesn't work for insurance because businesses will only look at the dollars and cents, not some of the vital factors that they need in an insurance program:

  • Insurance is not a commodity

  • Skill matters

  • Risk Management matters

  • Objectivity is important

  • Services matter

insurance biddin
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